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XHS marketing

小红书 Marketing

Biz account only S$150

Only for PaidAds

200 million+

Monthly active users exceed 200 million, 72% are post-90s, and 50% are distributed in first and second class cities

43 million+

The platform has more than 43 million sharers, among which the ratio of male and female users has risen to 3:7

70 million+

Become a must-have "shopping artifact" for more than 70 million young consumers, covering more than 200 countries and regions


Bringing together more than 140,000 global brands, with more than 1.2 billion brand searches


The world's largest consumer review library and community e-commerce platform

Account Based Marketing

  • Clarify the vertical audience of the product and carry out circle-level dissemination

  • Precise keywords, close to the user's search habits

  • Add comprehensive tags and get tens of millions of exposures

High-quality content 

  • Original notes, rich experience, eye-catching and attractive cover

  • Precise keyword coverage to avoid invalid traffic

  • More than 43 million note creators and sharers, covering all kinds of high-quality content

High-quality delivery 

  • Creation masters of all people, star effect & masters follow

  • Strong flow pool and strong grass planting ability

  • Strong fan stickiness and high trust word-of-mouth

Our Service

All-round service, empowering all channels, and creating greater brand value

Account Maintenance 

 Paid Ads

  • Analyze the main tone of the brand

  • ​Training, delivery plan, and evaluation

  • ​Discuss topic, determine the release file

  • Graphics, video creation and optimization

  • ​The operation, monitoring data, reports, follow-up operations

  • ​Finial plan discussion and creative content planning

  • ​Launch plan discussion and creative content planning

  • Delivery, monitoring, and adjusting the content. report after completion​


  • Insight into XHS, strategy formulation

  • ​KOC+KOL+Amateur multi-dimensional publicity to increase brand topics and popularity.

  • Select high-fit accounts and optimize search rankings

  • Analyze and locate effective keywords to attract target user circles

Case Studies


  • 打造新加坡华语生活服务指南
  • 单帖点赞、收藏上百,在新加坡有一定影响力
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