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WeChat Marketing 

Why choose WeChat?

WeChat marketing strategy to manage and promote your brand to over 1.3 billion WeChat users.

As the partner of WeChat, we will be responsible for opening your WeChat official account, posting regularly and interacting with your target audience to strong your branding.

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Our Service


WeChat public accounts include WeChat subscription account and WeChat service account.

NETFARMER will handle all processes of WeChat official account registration, verification and operation.

Ads Post

It has two types of promotion methods, Ads and KOL.


NETFARMER will provide different solutions to meet the needs of different customers.

Mini-Program dev.

WeChat Mini Program development is a very straightforward and easy-to-use process.


NETFARMER will provide a variety of small program templates for companies to use quickly.


WeChat API and SDK (Native App SDK - JS SDK for web) develop. 

NETFARMER will provide professional services to help customers develop their applications on the WeChat platform.

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