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Customer Service and Tracking

  • Support, retain, and grow your customer base


​Clients need higher quality service

Streamline processes and empower customers with customer service management so you can keep customers happy every step of the way.

Provide impeccable service

Customers want to get effective solutions faster, and need to improve the ability to deliver while ensuring business expansion; we are happy to provide you with some services.

Chat bot

Provide seamless conversation opportunities and have a 24/7 support “person” on call to answer frequently asked questions, book meetings and even provide guidance to prospects.


Organize and automate processes while flexibly involving multiple support representatives to best resolve customer inquiries while completely avoiding human error.

How we help you serve your customers

Live Chat

Connecting you with your website visitors, engaging and converting.
Knowledge Base
Design a branded self-service library that enables your customers to solve their problems effortlessly.
Messenger Integration
Easily automate and bring all your cross-platform customer engagements together in one CRM.
Focus on the likelihood that customers will give your company a positive word.
Feedback Survey
Find out how satisfied your customers are with uncovering opportunities to optimize your products, services, and overall brand experience.

​What else

  • Inbox setting

  • Chat bot setting

  • Chat bot automation

  • Social platform chat automation

  • Desk setting

  • Team setting(Email\Slack)

  • Desk SLA setting

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