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How Wecom Helps Business Grow: Explore Effective Wecom Marketing Strategies

Wecom is an independent APP professional office management tool built by the Tencent WeChat team for enterprises. It is not only office software but is becoming a good tool for enterprises to manage private domain traffic and precipitate regular customers. Adding customers WeChat provides customers with continuous services such as single chat, group chat, circle of friends, and video number, and combines with small programs and payment functions


What are the features of Wecom?

1. Customer Tagging

As we all know, labeling our customers allows us to manage them better. Just like labeling your clothes, we can send targeted messages to customers according to the different labels for precise marketing. Moreover, when sending friends circle, we can also post the content according to the tags, and the users with different tags will see the circle of friends differently.

2. Customer circle of friends

Just like we send friends circle in normal WeChat, customers can also see the content we post in WeChat friends circle, and like and comment to interact.

3. Welcome Message

Setting a welcome message can ensure that we reply to our customers' messages the first time and give them a good first impression. After all, first impressions are important! And this is also very helpful for the subsequent communication and exchange with customers.

4. Community Management

In terms of community management, Wecom community can invite the official robot assistant, which is a bit like inviting a small assistant into our community. When a user joins the community or has a question that needs to be answered, you just need to @ the assistant and send the question keyword, the assistant can automatically answer the question. In this way, we can save labor costs and provide timely help to our customers. In addition, Enterprise WeChat also supports group keyword monitoring, group member de-weighting, automatic kicking, anti-advertising, anti-harassment, and other functions, which can remove malicious users from the group chat and permanently ban them from re-entering the group.


5. Group Code

Group Live Code is a very special feature of Wecom, which is a bit like a ticket to enter a group by scanning a code. Once users scan the code, they can join our group chat directly, and Wecom will automatically create new groups when the number of people in the group reaches the maximum. Currently, each group live code can be associated with a maximum of 5 group chats. If there are fewer than 5 group chats under a live code, then when the group is full, Wecom will automatically create new group chats until the maximum of 5 group chats is reached. In this way, a group can hold up to 200 people, and with 5 group chats, it is equivalent to having 1000 group members.

6. Separation Assignment

This is an important feature of Wecom! We all know that if an employee uses personal WeChat to communicate with customers, once the employee leaves, it may lead to customer loss and bring losses to the enterprise. However, in enterprise WeChat, customers always belong to the assets of the enterprise and will not be lost due to the departure or blocking of an employee. In this way, we don't have to worry about the loss caused by the departing employee.

7. Group messaging

As we all know, there is a limit to the number of group messages that can be sent in WeChat, and there is also a limit to the frequency of operation. Many companies even use external tools to break through these limits, which often results in account blocking and possible loss of customers. However, these risks can be effectively avoided by using Wecom. We can set up the content of the group message in the background, whether it is a graphic, link, or small program, you can directly click on the group message. In this way, it is both efficient and safe, and you never have to worry about being blocked again.

8. No upper limit for friends

Wecom has no upper limit for adding friends, which is really important! In the past, if a business operated on personal WeChat, the friend limit was only 5000 people. If a company needs to interact with more customers, it must constantly create new micro-signals. And the registration and management of a large number of micro-signals is a huge cost for a business. But in Wecom, we can add friends without any limits, which is so convenient! We don't have to worry about reaching the maximum number of friends, so we can interact with our customers as much as we want!2


What are the advantages of Wecom?

1. The interoperability feature is great: Wecom and personal WeChat are closely interoperable, allowing you to easily import your existing WeChat customers. Your business has already accumulated a lot of customers on your personal WeChat. Sign up for Wecom and you can import your personal WeChat circle of friends in seconds!

2. No friend limit, the number of customers can climb at your will: Say goodbye to the embarrassment of the friend limit! You can only add 5000 friends to your personal WeChat, which is not enough for some businesses and companies. If your customers can reach several thousand a year, don't worry, only WeChat can satisfy your huge customer base.

3. Intelligent tag management, customer portrait at your fingertips: see the right customer portrait, and instantly become a professional master! Many companies import their customers into Wecom, but they don't know what products they buy and what preferences they have. Don't worry, Wecom's smart tag management helps you solve this trouble. Tag your customers and see them at a glance. This way, you can quickly understand your customers and make well-informed decisions.

4. Integrated with a brand's CRM, WeCom can do even more!

As we said before, in addition to the data that salespeople and customer advisors collect through WeCom interactions with customers, employees will also be able to access customer data from other channels. This includes private domain traffic such as WeChat (public numbers, channels, applets, websites, etc.) and possibly even public traffic marketplaces (Tmall, Jingdong, etc.). However, the content extracted from these third-party platforms is limited, and that's it.

However, once a company hooks up WeCom with a CRM system and a third-party CRM tool that integrates data across channels, things are likely to happen. This way, they can build a comprehensive omnichannel customer profile to support future targeting strategies and even provide customer service through WeCom.

Specifically, at each digital touchpoint, brands need to create a unique identifier for each customer to be able to easily identify unique customers across channels.

For example, a company could set a customer's cell phone number as a unique identifier. At each touchpoint, leading phrases (CTAs) would appear asking customers to share their cell phone numbers so that the company could match them in its database.

To sum up, Tencent WeCom (Enterprise WeChat) is a powerful enterprise-level communication tool. With WeCom, you can achieve omnichannel interoperability and combine customer relationship management with communication and collaboration to improve business efficiency and customer satisfaction. Whether it's communicating with your customers, tracking data, or integrating various channels and systems, WeCom is your right-hand man.


NETFARMER is a professional digital service company, and we are committed to providing efficient enterprise solutions. By interfacing our Messager box and enterprise WeChat customer service with the system, we are able to synchronize and transfer data from customer service chats to ensure that customer communication records are complete and error-free. At the same time, we can generate work orders to help enterprises better manage and handle customer issues. Our services are designed to improve the efficiency and quality of customer service, enabling companies to maintain close contact with their customers and provide quality support and solutions.

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