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Facebook Marketing



Facebook ads can target specific audiences with advertising content, including targeting consumers based on characteristics and categories, so potential consumers will be more closely connected with related products and brands.

Facebook has now become one of the easiest communication channels for Chinese companies to reach overseas users.

2.936 Billion

Monthly active users, more than 4.62 billion social media users worldwide

25-54 Years Old

The age of users is mainly distributed between 25-54 years old


Focus on information and focus on text content

Home Page

Display all additional information including shops, including details of your business, services, hours of operation, etc.

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Final Clearance

Instagram has surpassed Facebook in popularity and has become the most popular social media platform for young people.


1.393 Billion

Monthly active users, more than 1.452 billion social media users worldwide


70% of users are over 35 years old

Strong Sociability

A social platform based on image and video sharing


Run marketing campaigns to grow your following and build brand awareness


  • Sync product catalog

By connecting Facebook and Instagram stores through Shopify, product catalogs can be quickly synced, making it easy for merchants to create advertisements and purchase posts.

  • Smooth shopping experience

You can customize your social media platform store in one stop, create product collections, sell from one inventory, and keep all sales channels in sync. Provide consumers with a consistent in-app shopping experience from product discovery to checkout.

  • One-click checkout

Allow customers to checkout without leaving Facebook/Instagram. Marketing on social media can manage orders, collections and returns in Shopify.


Paid advertising service

Advertising Strategy

Develop a campaign strategy that will help your brand organize your marketing.

According to your social media platform selection, activity length, budget, target audience, etc., we will tailor advertising strategies for you.

Event Management 

Choose the right campaign based on your campaign goals, budget, ad format and location.

Execute your advertising strategy by configuring the correct settings in Ads Manager and continuously monitor and adjust campaigns.

Creative Ads

High-quality, creative advertising content can quickly attract the target audience and keep consumers on board.

According to your brand style and target audience, we will design the advertising content and form to enhance the brand image.

Data Analysis and Tracking

Through Meta Business Suite, we can quickly collect relevant data from different platforms, conduct analysis, and monitor and track the effects of Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

We will provide comprehensive analysis reports to improve subsequent activities.

Monitoring and A/B Testing

In order to find the best way, we will perform A/B testing, prepare at least two plans for advertising and marketing, and make corresponding adjustments according to the effect.

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